Take the Pronunciator Challenge!

OPL added Pronunciator to our digital resources in spring of 2016. Our previous language learning resource had underperformed, and in my own testing, I could see why: the interface was clunky, multiple sign-ins were required, and it was difficult to know where on the page to start your language lesson. We selected Pronunciator because it was easier to use than the previous resource, fit our budget, and included Cantonese (lots of speakers in Oakland) where other resources only offered Mandarin.

A library’s best tool in launching a new digital resource is front-line staff. The eResources team always made it a point to send an email to all staff when a new resource went live. But for busy staff providing customer service, it’s easy to miss a single email. I decided to offer a series of weekly challenges, hosted on Blogger and promoted via email, to encourage staff to try Pronunciator for themselves. 

Even with a series of emails, I knew it would take something special to grab the attention of our busy staff. I incorporated memes, unicorns, and silliness to make these Friday emails something staff could never miss.

On to Day One!


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