Hoopla Challenge Week 3

OPL, you are tearing up this Hoopla Challenge!

So far 30 staff are signed up, and 23 of you have completed BOTH of the first two challenges! It’s a real party in there!

We have staff testing Hoopla on iphones, ipads, android phones and tablets, desktop PCs, Kindle Fires, and even Chromecast TV!
It’s the third Friday in September, and so it is time for the THIRD CHALLENGE: Try Hoopla in Kids Mode!
We at the library often remind parents that we don’t filter their children’s internet content or restrict kids’ access to media. However, *parents* themselves may wish to filter Hoopla so their kids don’t see anything too grownup or scary.
Kids Mode allows them to do that easily.
A couple of your questions answered:
Margaret asked if users will be able to get more than six items eventually. Great question!! OPL pays for Hoopla by checkout, which means our costs go up the more people use Hoopla. To make sure we don’t exceed our budget, we have to set a limit, and it’s low at first. We hope to increase people’s limits later as budgets allow.
Brian said he wanted to see comics panel by panel on his phone, since the screen is so small. GREAT NEWS, BRIAN! Double tap a single panel in any comic and you’ll be able to flip through one panel at a time!
Keep up the great work, everyone! You are a formidable bunch! I wouldn’t want to mess with you.

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