Hoopla Challenge Week 4

Holy cats! Do we have some super testers out there!! OPL, I am super happy with you!
image001 (1)
So far 24 power testers have tried out Hoopla’s Kids Mode. Xochitl likes that she can just hand the ipad to her son to choose what he wants when Hoopla’s in Kids Mode. Some users noted that the content seems best for young kids, and that kids older than 10 or so may not find much that interests them. Isn’t it great to get guidance from other staff on using and recommending this? Check out everyone’s comments (and you can still do the challenge, too!).
It’s time for CHALLENGE #4, and this one is probably my favorite of all! It’s time to…….
You knew this was coming, right???!?!?!???!
I bet some of you have ALREADY BEEN recommending Hoopla to patrons!!
Let’s start getting the word out! And if you aren’t doing this challenge yet, what the hairballs are you waiting for? Join us today!!

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