Hoopla Challenge Week 5

It’s the last day of September, and that means it’s the final HOOOPLA CHAALLENGE!! I spelled it wrong to make it more memorable for you! It’s a brain trick!!!


This week’s challenge is: Browse Hoopla Categories. Now, all I have to do is sit back and polish up the FABULOUS PRIZES I’ve been collecting for you!! You have ***ONE MORE WEEK*** to finish the challenge, and then prizes will go out.

This week, Ana-Elba Pavon went from Hoopla Newbie to Hoopla EXPERT—with some phone coaching, she downloaded the app for the first time, and got all prepared to help a patron who was having trouble using Hoopla! NICE JOB, ANA! Helping people use our digital resources is an important part of front-line reference work.


A bunch of you who did last week’s challenge, Recommend Hoopla to a Patron, mentioned that you don’t work with patrons directly BUT you told a friend or, in one case, doctor because you couldn’t stand the music being played in the exam room. Well, as long as those people live in California, they are potential OPL patrons and so that counts!! High five!


I especially like this story, from Amy Sonnie:

I recommended Hoopla to a patron yesterday. She came in for an e-Book Help appointment to learn about Overdrive. She was feeling “out of the loop” among her friends for not knowing about OD sooner. After we covered everything about OD, I said: “Want to know another great way to download audio books?” In 2 minutes we had her account set up. She was impressed with how much simply it was compared to OD. Additionally, the first two books on the screen were exactly the two she wanted in OD but had to put on hold. I explained that she could start listening right away. She was ecstatic. She also beamed: “And now I know something my friends don’t know yet. I can’t wait to show them!”


Elia Shelton had this reaction:

I’ve recommended it to a few patrons. One man in particular was really excited about being able to stream tv-shows and movies as he’d recently had to cancel Netflix. Between Overdrive and Hoopla he’ll still have access to content. Now if we could just up the limit….

Now THAT, Elia, is the topmost comment we’ve gotten from testers: can we give people MORE Hoopla titles? Why only six per month? The answer is that OPL pays for Hoopla per checkout, and while we’re still adjusting to this model, we need to make sure we don’t go over budget. Still, it’s not bad to offer a product that people want more of, right?! And hopefully we can increase the limit sometime soon!


Haven’t done any of these challenges? It’s not too late!! Jump on board today!

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