Hoopla Challenge Wrap-Up

OPL, there’s only one group of employees who could make me THIS happy. It’s YOU!


Sixteen people completed the entire Hoopla Challenge, and another twenty participated at least once. What’s more, the Challenge blog was viewed more than 750 times! OPL staff are ready to promote our newest digital resource, one that has the potential to cross the digital divide and get digital content from the library into people’s homes via mobile devices, even those without wifi.


OPL staff tested Hoopla on Apple devices, Android devices, desktop computers, Kindle Fires, a Roku, Chromecast TV, and Amazon Fire Stick. We found some things we liked, like the easy setup and wide range of graphic novels, and some, well, we thought could use a librarian’s touch! And through it all, you kept asking questions and sharing advice, and you’ve already begun promoting it to patrons. Hopefully the promotional cards and booklets that have arrived in your branches are helping!

Are you a winner in the Hoopla Challenge? What did you win?? Why not find out!


Thanks, everyone!


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