Pronunciator Challenge Week 4

I talked about Pronunciator at this morning’s All Staff Meeting, and was happy to see several staff talk about their own experience using it. By the end of this month, we’re all going to be Pronunciator champs! Also, the secret Google wizards are telling me the staff challenge blog has over 900 views, which is terrific.
It’s the fourth Friday in April, so challenge #4 is live. This week, it’s time to try something new!
I want to share this great write-up from Remy Timbrook at Eastmont on their terrific multilingual staff, and the experience of a Spanish-speaking family visiting the library for the first time:
Yesterday, I observed a family visiting Eastmont (I was at the reference desk). The 4-year-old charged over to the toy area, while her older brother and mother checked out the computers in the children’s area (next to Nichole’s bulletin board with the Hispanic Heritage Month display). During their visit, I saw them interact with three staff members, all of whom spoke Spanish with them — from basic library vocabulary to fluency. The mom applied for a library card (on a Spanish application), with staff instructions in Spanish, and checked out books in Spanish for her children (and possibly for herself). Watching this, I was impressed by how easily she was able to explore and connect with library resources in what may have been a very first visit. It made me proud to be part of a library system that supports multiple languages and encourages staff development in language-learning.
This is wonderful! I’m so glad we’re all developing our language skills.
Have you signed up for the BONUS CHALLENGE? Time’s running out! In fact time’s running out for the WHOLE Pronunciator Staff Challenge! Time to get on board!
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