Pronunciator Challenge Week 5

Finally, number five is live and that means the entire Pronunciator Staff Challenge is on the table! OPL staff, you have one more week to complete all five tasks and win FABULOUS prizes! In just one week’s time, THIS could be YOU!

image002 (1)

Boy, would I like to know what that guy’s prize was!!!

You still have time to practice your language and WIN. Here are all five challenge questions: 

2.       Go through any lesson and report a word or phrase you’d like to remember. You do NOT have to complete the lesson!
3.       Pretend you are planning a trip to a country where your language is spoken. Use Pronunciator to identify something you could take with you to support your language use!
5.       Listen to ProRadio or watch a movie using Pronunciator. How could this feature support your language learning?
Post a response to every challenge question by next Friday, May 6, and WIN BIG! I don’t want to scare anyone, but Remy from Eastmont and Thevaki at Brookfield are on FIRE!!
But listen…. this challenge has almost 1200 pageviews, and I’ve already heard people recommending Pronunciator to our patrons who are interested in learning English or another language. I WOULD SAY WE’RE ALL WINNERS.
image001 (2)
Thanks everyone! It’s been fun! Winners will be announced next Friday May 6.

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